Please continue to write to your legislators on behalf of small businesses


Oregon OSHA seeks to  make COVID rules Permanent!

This may mean social distancing and masks inside all businesses

permanently!  We must fight back on this.

The science and data do NOT support these extreme measures.


Why do we need masks after being vaccinated?

Why do we need masks after having COVID?

Why do we need masks at all when the death rate is less than seasonal flu?

Critical thinking and common sense require we ask questions

Citzen testimony is being accepted in writing to OSHA before April 1st



2021 Updates needed, please print a doctor permission slip and bring on your next visit






​​A new Independent Study from University of Oregon


in partnership with IHRSA and Oregon Consulting Group

shows us where Covid is most transmitted:

51.6%  Healthcare,hospitals, medical

42.7% Private Gatherings / Other

3.8%  Restaurants-indoor

1.3%  Grocery stores/ retail

1.2%  Fast Food

0.3%  Bars & Outdoor eating

0.0%  Fitness, Gyms, Recreation, exercise

Your health is so important!

It is vitally important that you call and write to our legislators,

they are the ONLY ones that have access to these politicians

Oregon Legislators call to action! Urgent

Phone: 503-947-2340

Governor Kate Brown:   Email the Governor

Kurt Schrader   503-557-1324 / 503.588.4486

Clackamas County Commissioner  503-655-8581

Paul Savas  CC Board

Tootie Smith

Canby Mayor Hodson

Christine Drazan



December 7, 2020

Annually we update records of active Fobs

We will need a current copy of your ODL & a new photo

Please call for an appointment  266-6166


While we strongly disagree with Governor Browns decision to deny Oregonian's the


ability to care for their health in a pandemic while the rest of Oregon's services

remain open to spread the virus.


We have included above links to the Governor's website where this information


can be found.  I have included for you the map that dictates what we Oregonians

are allowed to do for the upcoming week.  The communication to businesses has

been poor and it's unclear how often this will be updated

We need YOU to make your feelings known about the businesses

you enjoy, fitness, restaurants, entertainment being closed once again.

There is no evidence, data or science to support this action.

Please call and email our elected officials, they work for us!

We appreciate your business & sincerely THANK YOU for your patronage. 

We have had such an outpouring of support and appreciate all of you who

continue paying your dues, this helps us keep our key employees, rent & utilities current.

We want to be here for you at the end of this. The vaccine is coming!

Thank you! 


  • Our billing system is automated so please let us know what you desire.

  • There is no need to cancel, call us at 503-266-6166 or use this link and we'll gladly hold your

           account or issue a credit for a future month. PLEASE notify us by:  December 10th

           Please include:  your full name, membership # & phone #

  • If you opt to continue your dues with no adjustment then no action is needed.


Thank you again!! 

We are in the office Monday - Wednesday 10-3 for membership inquiries

Please call us!

Fob Update: Fobs are active

Active users, it is time for our annual Fob review so please

call us so we can review this with you.


12 Day of Christmas Workouts


Join us for the 12 days of Christmas Outdoor Exercise Series

First round: 

Christina - Friday & Monday at 10am


Phone: 503-947-2340

Governor Kate Brown:   Email the Governor

Kurt Schrader   503-557-1324 / 503.588.4486

Clackamas County Commissioner  503-655-8581

Paul Savas  CC Board

Tootie Smith

Canby Mayor Hodson

Christine Drazan


November 27, 2020

We hope you had a wonderful Holiday!

We are awaiting instructions from Clackamas County on

the process for December 3rd.  We hope to post information

here by the end of the day on Tuesday.  Stay Tuned.

Thanks you again for your business! 


November 17, 2020


Governor Brown has put forth a 2 week stay at home order which affects

businesses in the state & particularly restaurants, gyms, offices &

your right to gather privately in your home.


See Order Here:


We have had 20,850 visits since June & NOT had ANY cases of COVID associated with our club


In a call today with Oregon's own health department they were NOT

able to confirm any cases of Covid traced to fitness clubs in Clackamas County

The Oregon Health Authority has clearly indicated that private social gatherings

are the source, not businesses. In this conversation today I was informed that 

Restaurants, Gyms and Entertainment "are not needed"   We do not agree.

The benefits of health and fitness and the employment for our staff are "NEEDED"


We appreciate your business & continued patronage more than you know.


We hope you will keep your membership and be willing to support our efforts with the continuation

 of your membership as we work thru this issue. We are devastated for you & our staff!

Thank you for your continued support.


We ask and encourage you to contact the elected representatives that represent us.

and make your feelings known.   

Thank you!

Our hearts go out to those affected by this virus, physically, emotionally & economically. 

We love our community and you!  Be safe and enjoy Thanksgiving!


Governor Kate Brown:   Email the Governor

Kurt Schrader   503-557-1324 / 503.588.4486

Clackamas County Board  503-655-8581

Paul Savas  CC Board

Tootie Smith

Canby Mayor Hodson

Christine Drazan








REQUIRED entry procedures:



  • Wash hands with soap & water or use hand sanitizer as you ENTER, BEFORE, DURING & AFTER your visit

  • 6 feet of physical social distance must be maintained between you and others at all times or face covering will be required.

  • Wipe all equipment BEFORE & AFTER using, handles,seats,bars, plates,mats, balls,machines, etc. REQUIRED

  • Drinking fountain is closed, bring your own water or plan to purchase here.

  • Stay home if you are sick or suspect you may be sick and notify your doctor.

  • You can NOT have been sick in the past 14 days with anything, Stay HOME if so & see your doctor.

  • Equipment and furniture has been aligned to created 6 feet of physical distance, Respect this & do not MOVE anything.

  • Cleaning stations are placed at regular intervals, Bottle holders have been installed.  Put the bottle back in the holder.

    • Elevated mouth breathing, hissing, blowing, grunting other than normal breathing is to be eliminated  be considerate,

    • this is time for sensitivity and compassion for others around you & nobody wants to hear it.

    • Phones should be cleaned and stowed away when possible - No texting - keep moving

    • No lingering or socializing, move along please.

    • Morning & early afternoon are very quiet with approx. 10 members per hour.