May 29th

It's been a good week!  Nice to see some of you again!

It's a new world, parking is easy, moving around is easy, lots of space!

Please come take a look - we are sanitized & have plenty of space.


May 22, 2020

We are OPEN!

​Reminder: If your membership is not active you will need

an appointment with Wendy - call to schedule 266-6166


REQUIRED ​​Re-entry rules from the health department:

​This shutdown has been a trauma for our staff,our business & you so please be compassionate & respectful.

We have lost 50% of our staff and will be short handed. 


  • Wash hands with soap & water or use hand sanitizer as you ENTER, BEFORE, DURING & AFTER your visit

  • 6 feet of physical social distance must be maintained between you and others at all times

  • Wipe all equipment BEFORE & AFTER using, handles,seats,bars, plates,mats, balls,machines, etc. REQUIRED

  • Drinking fountain is closed, bring your own water or plan to purchase here.

  • Showering must be done at home, plan accordingly - see manager for more details

  • Stay home if you are sick or suspect you may be sick and notify your doctor.

  • You can NOT have been sick in the past 14 days with anything, Stay HOME if so & see your doctor.

  • Face coverings are not required when exercising, your choice & follow the direction of your doctor.

  • Equipment and furniture has been aligned to created 6 feet of physical distance, Respect this & do not MOVE anything.

  • Cleaning stations are placed at regular intervals, Bottle holders have been installed.  Put the bottle back in the holder.

  • OHA recommends persons 65 or older & those with underlying health conditions continue to be careful. This is your choice.


    Additional requests please

    • Elevated mouth breathing, hissing, blowing, grunting other than normal breathing is to be eliminated  be considerate, this is time for sensitivity and compassion for others around you. 

    • Phones should be cleaned and stowed away when possible - No texting - keep moving

    • No lingering or socializing, move along please.

    • Morning & early afternoon are very quiet right now if you prefer to have extra space. 



May 13, 2020

Hello! We've missed you.

Follow this link to see where the state of Oregon is sitting on getting businesses and our economy open.

This is taking too long & Clackamas County according to Mayor Hodson is "behind the 8 ball"

Following the local news it appears the end is coming but slowly.

It's time to lift shut down orders and let Oregonians get back to work, school & life

Clackamas County must submit an application to OPEN.

Washington, Multnomah & Clackamas Counties are the only who have NOT submitted application.

As soon as we have a date you will be able to come by our office and pick up a set of

"Member usage guidelines"

We are required to review the rules of use with all users prior to your first visit

so our goal will be to get this done sooner than later
Stay tuned! Our website is your source for information.

See you soon!

Thank you to all the members who have continued to pay your membership dues! 

This is the lifeblood we need to be here for you in the end! 

Your generosity shows the awesome connection in our community. 

Keep shopping local, take out, movie packs & MORE!





April 29th

As mentioned in our original message of March 29, 2020 we never imagined any of us would be in this situation.  We appreciate your calls and offers of help and thank you for your support.

  Please call our elected officials and make your voices heard. 

Oregon has done well in the medical system which was the original reason we sheltered in place. 

It is time for Oregon to open up and allow businesses to open. We need to continue to protect the

vulnerable but for the healthy it is time to get back to normal. The Governors executive order must be lifted.

As I indicated in my original message we will continue to collect membership dues while we await reopening. 

This is necessary to keep our rent & obligations current and in preparation for your return.


​These are your options 

  • Pay your dues and forgive

  • Pay your dues and request a credit between August - December or at renewal

  • You will not be charged for classes until they resume


503-266-6166  10-3  Mon-Fri


​​​Please do not stop payment on your dues, this action incurs unnecessary fees.


We want to hear from you & want to work with you on a resolution to your concerns so please CALL us.

Please keep in mind that cancelling your membership is not necessary as we have several

options to get you through this & you may lose a rate plan that is no longer offered

Memberships other than Month to Month will be discussed individually & per the terms of your plan. 








April 24, 2020

Below is a link to Governor Kate Brown's plan to open up Oregon. 

As you can see she has lumped "gyms" & churches into the same category as large sporting events. 

This criteria just doesn't apply to rural Oregon and small towns such as Canby.  We are working with our

local officials to put forth a proposal to Open up rural Oregon at a quicker rate than the metropolitan areas

as our populations just don't support this approach. 

We need your help to get reopened, call your elected officials and make your voices heard.

The White house daily briefings are a great source for accurate

updates.  Watch daily , these run between 2-4pm. 


Canby Mayor Brian Hodson:   503-263-5528

Governor Kate Brown: Nik Blosser, Chief of Staff  503-373-1565

Kurt Schrader:  (503)-557-1324

Christine Drazan:  503-986 -1439

Alan Olson: 503-986-1720

Ron Wyden:   (503) 326-7525



April 19, 2020

We sincerely hope the Governor and the Mayor will lift the restrictions

this week.  We encourage you to call your elected officials and

ask that Oregon be opened back up. We've done a good job.


April 16, 2020

President Trump has begun phase 1 of reopening America!

Non essential businesses such as gyms are cleared to reopen,

however Governor Kate Brown must lift her executive order before

we can legally do so in Oregon.  We are awaiting that decision and will be

open within 2 days of the mandate being lifted. 

We are REQUIRED to uphold "social distancing" and are awaiting those guidelines -  Stay tuned & call the Governor

Please see our NEW HOURS

We pray for your safety and look forward to seeing you soon!



​​April 6, 2020

We value your business and know that your health and fitness is important to you.  We understand

having your fitness interrupted is difficult. We will be open as soon as the Governor lifts the mandate

on this closure. Billing will continue during the closure and extensions applied once we are able to determine the length of this disruption.  If you need to discuss your account or are having

a financial difficulty please call us.

​​​Please do not stop payment on your dues, this action incurs unnecessary fees.

We want to hear from you & want work with you on a resolution to your concerns so please call us.

Please keep in mind that cancelling your membership is not necessary as we have several

options to get you through this & you may lose a rate plan that is no longer offered.

March 31, 2020

As I sit here this past week in silence and emptiness it hits me how sad this really is not just for those who are sick

but for all of us as we are forced to change our lives in a blink.   In the past month I have spoken to more people out walking on our beautiful trail, people that I've never seen or met before.  I've talked to people that would normally be

walking and texting or would look away instead of saying hello.

We are patriots and proud to be Americans.  We will get through this.

We Miss you and can't wait to see you back!

Temporary Office Hours:  Weekdays 10am - 3pm  

Membership renewals, New memberships & account maintenance available by phone

Please call us we're here to help, we are opening new accounts for May!


We will be offering Online classes and workouts for you in April and trainers are here to help. The links to the

online activities will be posted here for you on our YouTube channel and via our Newsletter beginning April 2nd. 


March 29, 2020



We have officially been notified by our local fire & police authorities that the

Governor of Oregon, Kate Brown has ordered that we must suspend entry temporarily. 

We will be back open immediately upon these orders being lifted. 


I want to speak from my heart and not my wallet.  Club Fit has been in Canby for 20 years. 

So many of our members like our staff have become family and such a big part of our life and it

would be a waste to let this slip away even a little. I also think we need to remember and consider that this event

is out of our control and so much more is being lost than a few trips to the gym. We encourage you to spend quality time

with your family, children, grandparents & friends.

As members not only at the gym but in our community we all need to keep paying for and supporting the services

in our community that we use now and expect to use next month. We understand that paying

for something you can't use isn't ideal but rather necessary.  With that being said we will be collecting dues.

If this crisis continues beyond April, we will obviously re-evaluate our situation.  Collecting dues and fees keeps

us from having to eliminate our staff and allows us to stay current on our obligations.

We ask you during this crisis to please keep your membership it will ensure that we are able to

reopen strong and with all the great services you have come to enjoy. 



We are committed to being back open on the very day the order is lifted. 

Continuing to keep your membership going is important to this function.

​We ask you to email the governor and support local business



​We appreciate your business


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