About Club Fit

Club Fit is independantly owned and operated right here in Canby.  We help members of our community learn how to be healthier and fit by providing a health club that is clean and maintains state of the art equipment and activities such as Classes, Personal Training, Tanning, CORE-Fit, Physical Therapy & MORE!

Ron Raines
Personal Trainer ACSM
CrossFit Level 1
TRX Level 3
Triathlon/Military Trainer
Spinning Level 3

Rebecca Trumm

Ace Certified Group Fitness

Ace Certified Personal Trainer

15+ years of Experience in Fitness leadership and management.

Wendy Stahlberg

Customer Service Manager



Dennis Cone

Personal Trainer ACE

Specialities include Senior Fitness and special needs

Licensed Massage Therapist



Michelle Dahl


Yoga Professional / Therapy

Group Fitness

Senior Fitness

Scott Cates
Personal Trainer ACE
Nutrition Trainer ACE
Dana Sahlin

Senior Fitness Certified

Yoga Fit Certified

Pilates Certified



Barb Raines
Business Manager