Fitness Education

Working with a fitness professional is the best way to become educated on how to exercise and how to be successful in achieving your health and fitness goals.  Many people purchase a membership thinking they can do it on their own and then only make it a short time before falling off the exercise wagon,  without education and know how the results just aren't going to happen.    

Personal Training

What is Personal Training?


Well, it can take many shapes but most often it is dedicated time one on one with a personal trainer with a focus on meeting YOUR goals for better fitness & health.  Our trainers carry many levels of certification and specialize in helping our clients lose weight, become healthier and ultimately have a better quality of life. 


Personal Training can also be done in small groups of 2-4 individuals, often times friends who have similiar goals in mind.  Small Group Personal Training is less personalized and more about helping the group achieve common goals and overall better fitness.  A 20% discount is offered for small groups so in addition to getting educated you will also have a lot of fun and save money too!

1 time per month ONLY $59

Easy Pay Plan, details apply

Group Training


Group Training is a larger scale activity whereby the trainer presents a workout to a larger group of 8-20 participants.  Group Training is usually set to music and is choreographed with a focus of giving everyone in the class a similar workout in 1 hour.   Examples of these programs would include:  Spinning, Body Blast, Boot Camp, Yoga


We offer some Group Training classes as a complimentary add-on to a full access membership and other Group Training at a higher level for a small fee.  The elite level training classes are geared for all levels but bring a stronger and bigger punch to the workout for a faster result.

Small Group Training

Small Group Training consists of a group of 2-6 individuals working together to achieve the similar goals.  It is ideal that individuals have similar levels of fitness for the overall dynamic of the group.  This is often used for small groups that are training for an event or even just for the fun of the friendships.

Workouts are not choreographed but are personalized for both the individual and the group



We are Canby's premier location for Medicare Advantage Fitness programs.


With a fitness program through your Medicare Advantage insurance plan you may be eligible for a complimentary membership here at Club Fit.   The fitness program includes 3-4 educational workouts per week with our certified group fitness instructors.  These classes run on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.  In addition we hold monthly coffee socials, play workout Bingo & have contests for awesome prizes.


Stop by Club Fit with your insurance card and let us get you qualified and set up.

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