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Mobility & Functional Education

Working with a wellness professional is the best way to become educated on how to exercise and how to be successful in achieving your health goals.  Many people choose wellness thinking they can do it on their own and then only make it a short time before losing motivation,  education is the key to improving your quality of life thru wellness   

Personal Services
What is Personal Mobility & Functional ?


Well, it can take many shapes but most often it is dedicated time one on one with a personal service professional with a focus on meeting YOUR goals for better health.  Our professionals carry many levels of education and specialize in helping our clients lose weight, become healthier and ultimately have a better quality of life. 


Personal attention can also be done in small groups of 2-4 individuals, often times friends who have similiar goals in mind.  Small Group Wellness attention is less personalized and more about helping the group achieve common goals.  A 20% discount is offered for small groups so in addition to getting educated you will also have a lot of fun and save money too!


 Functional Therapy

Small Group Rehab consists of a group of 2-8 individuals working together to achieve the similar goals.  I


Senior Wellness

Join us on Monday & Wednesday


Medicare Mobility

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