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Be Safe Guidelines  


  • Wash hands with soap & water or use hand sanitizer as you ENTER, BEFORE, DURING & AFTER

  • Do your best to respect the space of yourself and others

  • Wipe equipment BEFORE & AFTER using, handles,seats,bars, plates,mats, balls,machines

  • Water is not available, bring your own water or plan to purchase here.

  • Stay home if you are sick or suspect you may be sick.

  • Equipment and furniture has been aligned to created an easy flow of use.

  • Cleaning stations are placed at regular intervals.

  • Bottle holders have been installed.  Put the bottle back in the holder.


  • General Facility Cleanliness & Courtesy

  • Sit only on chairs & benches - DO NOT sit on tables or counter tops

  • Feet on the Ground.  Do NOT put your shoes on benches, Mats or Resista balls

  • Do Not Trim Hair -  body, head or beards in the locker room.  Simple showering & toileting ONLY

  • Wear clean athletic shoes inside the gym & please don't walk in the grass or beds as you enter. 

  • No Boots, gardening shoes, work shoes on the gym floor - No Muddy Shoes.

  • We appreciate your business!

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